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What to eat with braces

When you have braces you need to take special care with the foods you eat.


One of the most important considerations while wearing your braces is your diet. Braces are very delicate and could be damaged if you eat the wrong foods. We also want you to minimise foods that are harmful to your teeth.

Foods that can damage braces
Your braces are attached with a light adhesive – after all we want to be able to remove them one day without hurting you or harming your teeth! The trade-off is that you must be careful to avoid eating anything that is sticky or hard. Sticky and hard foods break off brackets, bend wires and loosen bands, all of which will delay your treatment.

Foods that are harmful to teeth
Foods and drinks with a high sugar or acid content are harmful to teeth. Bacteria form your mouth can turn foods that contain sugar into plaque that forms acid to attack your teeth and toxins to attack your gums. You should limit your intake of sugary foods, or brush your teeth immediately afterwards to remove the sugar before the bacteria have a chance to turn it into acids and toxins. Foods with a high acid content can directly erode tooth enamel. Acidic foods should be avoided altogether; the harmful effect is immediate.

Many of us chew on things for no reason at all – fingernails, pens, pencils and iceblock sticks.
Or sometimes we use our teeth for inappropriate things – ripping plastic bags, opening bobby pins, tearing sticky tape, and opening drink bottles. These are all habits that put extra pressure on the braces and will break them. Fiddling with your braces is another no-no!

Foods you can eat
It probably sounds like you’ll only be able to eat broccoli and mashed potatoes for the time your braces are on! Don’t despair – there are plenty of good foods that won’t hurt your braces or your teeth.

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