401 Gympie Road,
Strathpine, QLD 4500

07 3889 8355

Ferny Grove

1304 Samford Road,
Ferny Grove, QLD 4055

07 3851 0666

Ortho Bucks


Ortho Bucks is a fun and exciting reward system that we offer all our patients.

Ortho Bucks are a fun and exciting reward system. You can earn a Ortho Buck by keeping your teeth, plates and braces healthy. You can also win Ortho Bucks on theme days or by entering our monthly competition.

Ortho Bucks Rewards Chart
  4 x OB = Drink bottle
  7 x OB = Aluminium drink bottle
10 x OB
= $20 iTunes voucher
15 x OB
= $30 movie voucher

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Strathpine: 07 3889 8355
Ferny Grove: 07 3851 0666

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