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Read through our Orthodontic articles below to keep up to date with the latest Orthodontic news within our practice.

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17.11.2011 - Cooking Up a Storm

Our team building days are designed to enhance our ability to work as a team and ultimately to allow us to provide the first class service our patients and clients have accustomed to when visiting our practice. Read the full ......
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18.05.2011 - Team building day

Recently Dr Susan Barber and her team went on a treasure hunt through the city with "Character Builders". We split up into two teams - Pink Team and Black Team - with our team leaders Kate and Nicole. Read the full article be......
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04.04.2011 - We are moving with the times.....

Did you know we can now send SMS to your mobile?

In our attempt to keep up with modern technology and social networking we have introduced text messages to our methods of keeping in touch w......
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28.10.2004 - Checkout our New Website!
We have now launched our official website! You will find helpful facts about treatment, patient information, special offers, fun things for kids and news about our practice.

Contact us today and let us know what you think of......
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