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First aid for Braces

Occasionally you may develop a problem between visits.

Fortunately you can fix many of these annoyances with quick, do-it-yourself remedies. At other times you may need to come in to the office for an emergency visit so that we can help you.

I have sore teeth...
After braces have been put on, it is usual for teeth to be sore for up to 24 hours. This initial discomfort may even last 3 to 4 days. Paracetamol will help to relieve this discomfort. A soft diet is also recommended.

I have sore lips & cheeks...
During the first few weeks of treatment, your lips and cheeks may become sore. If it is troubling you, place your orthodontic wax on the offending bracket. If you are out of wax, please speak with one of our friendly team, they will be delighted to assist you.

View the video link below for guidance on how to apply wax:

I have lost my appliance...
If your plate or retainer has been lost or broken it is essential to contact us immediately. We will then be able to organise the repair or replacement for you.

What happens if a bracket falls off?
This is generally not an emergency unless you are going to get your braces off soon. Although it is not an emergency always notify us before your next visit so we can allow extra time to replace it.

A band is lose!
Call the office during regular hours and arrange to have it fixed as soon as possible. Food trapped under a loose band can cause rapid tooth decay.

A main arch wire has come out of its tube!
If the wire is not hurting you, just leave it and we will fix it next visit. Or, if it’s a problem, try to reinsert the wire into its tube yourself using needle-nosed pliers or eyebrow tweezers. Grab the wire, line it up with the hole and slide it back into position, flexing it if necessary. If you can’t manage this and the wire is causing discomfort, call and schedule a brief emergency appointment during regular office hours to replace it. As a last resort, you can use a nail clipper or small wire cutter to cut the wire. But only cut wires if nothing else works, you’re in pain, and you can’t get to the office.

A coloured ring (module) has come off!
As long as your next appointment is not to get your braces taken off and the missing module is not causing you pain, you do not need to call or come in for an emergency appointment. We will replace the missing ring at your next scheduled appointment. If you look closely at your bracket, you may see that it also had a tie wire on it.

My elastic chain (power chain) broke or came off!
Call our office during regular office hours for a short emergency appointment. This should be fixed within a few days after it occurs.

I can't wear my elastics!
Did you run out? Call or visit the office and we will be able to help organise a replacement packet. Do not leave it to your next visit. Did you forget where to wear them? Call or visit the office; someone will check your records and let you know where they go. Is the hook broken or bent in? Call the office for a brief emergency visit to have it repaired by Dr Barber.

One of my spacers fell out!
This just means that enough space has been created or already existed. You do not have to come in to have it replaced.

My teeth are loose!
A little sideways movement is normal when wearing braces because the bone around the teeth is being remodelled. But if a tooth can be pushed up or down into the gum with just finger pressure, that is unusual. Please let us know if you notice this happening.

I'm getting a space between my teeth that i didnt have before!
This is completely normal and only temporary. Your teeth have to move in lots of directions until they are in their final position. Dr Barber will close this space later; it won’t be there when the braces are removed.

If you have any questions regarding orthodontic treatment, please click here to contact us today.

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